Česky | English


was born in Prague. He took a science degree at Charles University and following a short career as a researcher he has spent something over two decades as a manager in manufacturing and international trade. His experiences of the close relationships between men and women have inspired him to give them literary form as true-to-life stories.

Halfway through the book he meets the woman he takes to be pre-ordained for him and elects to marry her. However, this ideal relationship is soon upset by the death of their son, which his wife totally fails to cope with psychologically and she sinks into alcoholism. The forlorn Billy has no option but to renew his quest, which brings him several new affairs, each with a surprising dénouement, like when one casual partner dies on him in the very bed they are sharing.

Towards the end of his journey, by now despairing of ever finding true love, he finally meets a girl who fires his passion anew and he truly believes that this time it will be permanent.