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The book THE LIFE AND LOVES OF BILLY GALORE is being published by ČAS Publishing House (in Czech)

We search for a publisher in English and other languages.

First six chapters (about 16,000 words) of the book are currently available for reading at www.authonomy.com.

There are some readers‘ comments as follows:

ANKURE: This is surprisingly philosophical where you least expect. You refuse to take credit for the beautifully constructed phrases, shows your honesty. But you have to take credit where it's due. You are able to mix everything you see, the curves and communism with extreme innocence, while your tongue stays firmly in your cheek. Your expressions, translation or original, I can never tell, but I want more of them. "Any bridges there might be here either hold up or collapse of their own accord.", Wow You are adding something to the English literature as you go along.. "....chap lit, ...virile, no-nonsense", I totally dig it. ".....communism .... red ... snatched two handed...", that I think is one the of the funniest of imagery put into words, i ever came across. Its books like these that often make it big, real big, and hope you get published sooner than later. I'm hooked, and as soon as you get the rest of the chapters translated.

ALISON BUTLER: What a surprising gem of a novel. Because English isn't your first language, Marcus, I was expecting errors and anticipated problems reading it. How wrong was I, Marcus? The writing is fresh, candid, witty and I would definitely read it all. Fab!

LCF QUARTET: Dear Marcus, I knew that Chapter 4 would be as hilarious as the previous chapters. You are gaining momentum with each new chapter you upload. To start the chapter with The Communist Regime in Prague -Praha I prefer, I love the city- was good and well executed. Your writing style is very humorous and sincere, as usual. "I want more from life than cowboys and Indians and the after-school Chemistry Club." I loved it. "Although we shaved the fluff beneath our noses in the evening, we were still as green as the grass on a manicured lawn." Superb description... I think this book needs to be published as I know there are so many people in the world who are interested in such real-time POVs.

JUNETEE: I loved your prologue, its a great introduction and it had me wondering if I should ask my husband to read it too to find out if he feels the same as you. It is interesting and I am curious to find out what you have written further on in the book. I do hope however, that you aren't comparing the woman in chapter one to the average woman. But I loved your writing style, its very comfortable to read, its slightly humorous and its very natural. I enjoyed it very much, though up to now you haven't opened my eyes up to anything I dont know about men and what they think. I can't wait until you translate the next chapters. Its an unusual idea and I think it would sell to both men and women - probably women more because they would be curious. Good luck with it. junetee

A NOVICE SCRIBBLER: Hi Marcus, Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus? Actually after reading your prologue and first chapter, it seems they are just from different corners of the same bad planet! I really look forward to the next few chapters being translated. I agree that men are generally often initially motivated by appearance, sexuality and sensuality, but in the long run, they want love and commitment and if they are lucky they get to combine the two. I have to admit, I found myself frowning on the materialistic nature of the "lady" as she demanded cars and watches and flats but it is easy to judge when you live in a more affluent society. Top stars and please translate more soon!

JANE MAURET: I really loved most of what I was able to read. You have a unique, attractive writing style which grabbed me - not so much Ch1 but certainly Ch 2. It is interesting to read about relationships from the guy-side for a change! In Ch 1, I am not certain that you should keep saying that women might object or won't like what they read: let me make up their own minds; you don't sound confident when you express that so many times. “All the action is motivated solely by basic instincts, which don’t need to be spelled out.” Perhaps you could end at “instincts.” Really looking forward to reading further Chapters.

ABBY: It took a little to actually get in the story, so much explaining to do. Shouldn't explain what you have. Just give it to the readers. After all the preliminaries it wasn't bad at all. Didn't think I would like it. Good writing. Good job.

LCF QUARTET: You know what, I don't understand why women should get angry at you, you have a great piece of work here, and I LOVE your language...very strong. I congratulate you for your honesty. I can't wait to read more when you upload...I also want to read the 4 categories of women that your father mentioned, I mean...you have to write about it, I'm curious.

KENNETH EDWARD LIM: Marcus, I immediately got caught up in your work all the way to the end of chapter two. And then it was just swaths of grey in Czech. The premise itself is tantalizing, a male version of "Looking for Mr. Goodbar." Certainly, the first woman in your protagonist's quest was more than a handful, a materialistic airhead on her own shallow quest for a sugar daddy. After that encounter, a normal woman ready for male companionship would have been heaven sent. Thank you for a delightful glimpse of what is to come.

VIOLET IVY: I am assuming that English is not your first language. If that is correct then well done on a fantastic manuscript. It reads beautifully. I found your work very funny and honest from the point of view of the protagonist. It is not offensive enough (yet) to alienate the reader from rooting (ha ha) for him. I would have liked to see more in the first chapter. For me it was a bit quick. Could you fluff it out with perhaps the other ads in the paper? What the guys are avertising for. What the girls are like, do they have photos, can you describe them, what are they demanding from guys? Don't apologise for describing women in full e.g. hair, figure, eyes etc. I actually found it quite minimal compared to other chick lit descriptions. You could add more. A little more on his background would be good. His motivations for looking for love or at least to get laid. His romantic history perhaps even some of his friends' histories if they could be made funny or bizarre. I wanted to read more. A great book. The idea itself if unique and enough to get the book published I think. Suitable for men and women.

PATIO: Whoever you are, you are good with words. I give my highest respect for crafting this story so smoothly. The words came alive as I read. Well done and thanks for sharing this amazing story

BREE, A NERDY ROGUE: That was really bold. Kudos for putting that up here, it's really good. The description is well done, without being overly excessive. I found the banter to be quite interesting and the characters were well developed. I look forward to reading more. High stars! :)

KATE OFF THE RAILS: Well, I enjoyed the second chapter, it was witty and right up my street, but very disappointed as I had to stop there. It was then in Czech....ahhhhh please translate quickly.